My ball python taking a warm bath with the puss

this is a older video taken years ago when my ball was young.. it was bath time and the puss wanted to watch :)

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  1. TheMorLhach says:


  2. InsaneUndertaker says:


    Pythons aren’t venomous…

  3. alxphax says:


    I hope she lets him swim around after using soap and bathing products, chemicals ain’t no good for snake.
    I put my burm in bad too, but taking a shower with him?
    No way 😛

  4. Chadsask says:

    It’s a sine wave!!!

  5. DawnOfDestruction1 says:

    @momof3girls85 Wow make sure ur python doesnt have poision just in case!

  6. benjenings says:

    @tomatoeyum Thanks :)

  7. tomatoeyum says:

    I have that same cat! Cept mine has chubby cheeks to where he looks like a chikmunk and his back is darker cuz of the sun. I don’t think I’ve seen anyone have the same simese as me. Cool snake by the way, reptiles are awesome!

  8. benjenings says:

    @Hi8231 Ball pythons are very easy to take care of. They are one of the easiest snakes to care for and handle.. My little guy was humble from day 1. I assume all balls are different.

  9. benjenings says:

    @spintation The time of the video he was from 10-12 years old. He grew up around our cat and dog.. so they all got along well..

  10. spintation says:

    How did they do as python got older?

  11. sixxuglykingdom says:

    @Hi8231 that was because I forgot to let him know I was there before I picked him up. All pythons have different personalities, it’s just like a dog, cat, or even human. Very rarely will they have an aggressive personality, usually they are docile and calm. If you’d like any more information message me :)

  12. sixxuglykingdom says:

    @Hi8231 You can get one in just about any pet store – they are becoming one of the most common pet snakes around. It’s not particularly hard to take care of one, it’s just that they must live in very specific environments so depending on where you live, it may be harder to keep one at the right temperature, humidity, etc. They rarely ever bite their owners, only when they are sick, shedding, or if they are being starved. I’ve had my python for about 6 years and I’ve only been bitten once, and…

  13. Bebo870 says:

    @KoolKidsCLUB123 i heard that theres actually a 6 feet ball python really rare

  14. Hi8231 says:

    where do you get these kinds of snakes and is it hard to take care of one? How friendly are they and what is their usual personality type? and no links…. 😐

  15. Vixen92 says:

    Hel-LO, you lovely creature! You are so lucky. Ball pythons are AWESOME.

  16. TheSammypickle says:

    @VampireKick sort of luke warm, you don’t want them to get cold, but you don’t want to burn them either.

  17. kim5186 says:

    Thats soo cool
    like hnoestly
    o-o isnt your daughter scared though?

  18. KoolKidsCLUB123 says:

    @TheLuigi120 they grow 3-4 ft, 5 ft rare

  19. TheLuigi120 says:

    how long can a ball python grow up to be?

  20. benjenings says:

    @wdikolnc111 just because he is big doesnt make me wrong with the age of my animal.. believe me or not.. My snake is the age i say it is.

  21. wdikolnc111 says:

    @benjenings lol this ball python is not 16 my ball python is 6 months old and this big

  22. VampireKick says:

    so, how warm/cold should the water be?

  23. Nowzies says:

    @pops51201 I don’t know, but I’d say it’s like… lukewarm. Snakes are usually room temperature (obviously), so I think it could hurt him if you put him in too warm water.

  24. rf1308 says:

    @momof3girls85 yea dont lose him down the drain!

  25. Bibimykitty says:

    it seems it’s having fun in there! on the end the snake is like “Ah…I’m done, you can hold me now B) “