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My Mad friend gives his Sphynx Cat a facial, it was hard to watch the video for the first time, leave your comment, and Rate (pimples)(gross)(disgusting)(cat)(sphinx)(shocking) By the way the cat loves this…..

25 Responses to “pimples | gross | disgusting | cat | sphynx | shocking”

  1. Grisafi17 says:

    thats fucking gross XD

  2. mindy573 says:

    Obie is adorable!

  3. megyerdon says:

    What’s next – Kitty Biore Zit Strips? How about Kitty ProActiv? ;P

  4. megyerdon says:

    @chiptopher1986 I’d rather see cat pimples as opposed to someone’s nut sack any day of the week

  5. Jellybelli420 says:

    that is just nasty…why did I watch the whole thing?

  6. TheNike2009 says:

    WTF did he just say the cat enjoys it lol he is fucking sick.. C mon a fucking cat

  7. seksyshywun says:

    your sick

  8. CanCzech122 says:

    i don’t i will ever eat mashed potatoes ever again

  9. tattoosfade87 says:

    love it!

  10. MochaliciousLuvMusic says:

    WTF how did i get to Cat zits?! That is beyond disgusting. =S

  11. chiptopher1986 says:

    wtf why the fuck are you poppin pimples on a fuckin cat? I thought it was a nut sack at first

  12. onesound69 says:

    youtube has hit a new low…

  13. dottybird181 says:

    With the way he was talking about that, anyone would think that person was having a orgasm while doing that!

  14. alphadelta182 says:

    I hate you for showing me that!!……….you bastard:(

  15. Jordanz0rd says:

    Oh yeah, let’s do it again. Oooh yeah that was a nice squeeze. Oozes out, rich creamy deposit. Very normal.

  16. talks11111 says:

    That was the most disgusting thing i’ve ever seen in my life.

  17. NatalieJanine says:

    that’s not normal. 😐

  18. smithayyyjames says:

    @megajayboy123 hahaaaa

  19. humbugger8124 says:

    i just threw up

  20. iLecter says:

    @megajayboy123 looooooool

  21. kirisgamer says:

    @megajayboy123 mm thats a nice area give it a nice squeeze

  22. megajayboy123 says:

    if you close your eyes and listen to this, it sounds so wrong!

  23. TamilUzi says:


  24. Suckerlove99 says:

    Is this disgusting 😐

  25. MissLady408 says:

    thats disgusting