Pile Of Sleeping Kittens

So many sleeping kittehs! But wait! There’s one more kitteh waiting to be revealed. Thanks to: youtube.com/chibiumeharu For more funny cats visit icanhascheezburger.com


Silly Sphynx

Onze sphynx poes Kamma is 8 jaar oud maar voelt zich nog 1!

Star-Spangled Banner / National Anthem by Bob Pedo

Bob Pedo singing the National Anthem to be submitted to


Sphynx cat

gatos esfinge 2º camada magui

guess your number


OCD Kitty

Sphynx cat obsessively cleaning 100lb Cane Corso dog.

Sfinksas (Kanados) (Kat?) (Sfinksai)

Sfinksas (Sfinksai) (Kanados) (Kat?) (Vilnius) sfinksai.wordpress.com

Blue Sphynx Prince Kittens..GreatSphynx.com.907-957-6516


our 2 sphynx cats playing fiercely with their toys

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