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Kittens that Renee and Aaron saw at the bottom of our property in the woods. Dumped by some unfeeling person, they were left to starve or be killed by coyotes. Thankfully Renee was able to catch them and now they are safe. It just never stops . . .

My ball python taking a warm bath with the puss

this is a older video taken years ago when my ball was young.. it was bath time and the puss wanted to watch :)

It’s walk in a cat’s sleep

In fact, this cat “Yusuke” dislikes that I touch him.

My Cat Sleeping Weirdly

My Cat Sleeping In Weird Position. Please comment, if you don’t have anything to comment, rate 😀 Danke sher! PS I’m not German!

Pile Of Sleeping Kittens

So many sleeping kittehs! But wait! There’s one more kitteh waiting to be revealed. Thanks to: For more funny cats visit

gatos esfinge 2º camada magui

Sfinksas (Kanados) (Kat?) (Sfinksai)

Sfinksas (Sfinksai) (Kanados) (Kat?) (Vilnius)

Sphynx kittens Blue Bald Ufkens

Het was echt een schitterd nestje van Bartje! Alle drie hebben een liefdevol huis gevonden!


My cat Kiki living it up. Domestic cats, especially young kittens, are known for their love of play. This behavior mimics hunting and is important in helping kittens learn to stalk, capture and kill prey. Many cats cannot resist a dangling piece of string, or a piece of rope drawn randomly and enticingly across the floor. This well known love of string is often depicted in cartoons and photographs, which show kittens or cats playing with balls of yarn. It is probably related to hunting instincts, including the common practice of kittens hunting their mother’s and each other’s tails. If string is ingested, however, it can become caught in the cat’s stomach or intestines, causing illness, or in extreme cases, death. Due to possible complications caused by ingesting a string, string play is sometimes replaced with a laser pointer’s dot, which some cats will chase. While caution is called for, there are no documented cases of feline eye damage from a laser pointer, and the combination of precision needed and low energy involved make it a remote risk. A common compromise is to use the laser pointer to draw the cat to a prepositioned toy so the cat gets a reward at the end of the chase. A regular flashlight with a well-focused light spot has been commonly used in such play for decades, preceding the availability of consumer laser pointers. Cats will also engage in play fighting, with each other and with human partners. Humans “wrestling” with a supine cat, however, should be

litli Maine Coon and Sfinks.mp4


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