Cleo fetch!!!

My sphynx cat, Cleo plays fetch with a water bottle cap.


Snuggle fest

daddy and baby


Kittens that Renee and Aaron saw at the bottom of our property in the woods. Dumped by some unfeeling person, they were left to starve or be killed by coyotes. Thankfully Renee was able to catch them and now they are safe. It just never stops . . .

Skeen REFUSES to get out of the bathtub!

LA SGC/GP Angelsark Liza Skinnelli aka “Skeen”, a Sphynx cat, LOVES baths!

Dönci mosogat

rabszolgatartás a XXI. században! macskával mosogattatok!

My ball python taking a warm bath with the puss

this is a older video taken years ago when my ball was young.. it was bath time and the puss wanted to watch :)

Lorenzo stuck in cabinet

My sphynx cat snuck in a cabinet and tries getting out

It’s walk in a cat’s sleep

In fact, this cat “Yusuke” dislikes that I touch him.

Lumpy’s First Bath

Lumpy is almost as big as Fiona, we call them the twins because they stick together all the time

My Cat Sleeping Weirdly

My Cat Sleeping In Weird Position. Please comment, if you don’t have anything to comment, rate 😀 Danke sher! PS I’m not German!

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